Car Air Purifier

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All new Eco-friendly air purifier. Featuring long-lasting ceramic filters made from natural clay and active carbon.

Origin : Made in Korea

Shipping : Free Delivery

Filter span : 1 year

Type : air vent clip

Power : No battery



Market H would like to introduce Car Air Purifier to those who is concerned over that strong scent of air freshener or air quality inside car.

Market H would like to introduce best option for you. Bio Ceramic filter is new technology from Korea to get rid of smell of offensive odors in our vehicle. Simply clip on a car air vent and Enjoy your driving.

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– Bio ceramic filter (active carbon filter + red clay filter)

– Active carbon filter for strongly absorbing odors and dust

– Red Clay filter, There is microbe to absorb VOC and making H2O


– Get rid of unpleasant odors and dust

– Filter replacement cycle 1 year!

– Clip type without electric power

– Eco friendly filter harmless to human body


– Approval from SCAQMD(South Coast Air Quality Management) in USA

– The Bioceramic technology listed in journal of environmental protection

– Test Approval for VOC(85% removal) and fine dust (96% Removal) in Korea

– Patent No.10-1698174


Size : 5cm X 5cm X1.5cm

Weight : 40g

Precautions for use : Bio-ceramic filter, used in this product, is natural ceramic material that is alive without burning. It can be damaged by the choc, but it does not give impact on filter performance. When it is contacted with the water, there is a risk of product damage. Thus, make sure to pay special attention. Do not use this product for other than intended purpose and refrain from eating


BIOTERRA CO.,LTD is an enterprise that grows to enter the global market through eco-friendly air purifier products. It is an eco-friendly company that considers and loves people and environment.

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10 reviews for Car Air Purifier

  1. HK lee

    Im HR-V owner. It is good for removing car smell. Strongly recommend!!

  2. Kok

    Just installation backside for my baby for improving air quality

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