Mold Remover

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After 15 minutes, Mold Zero


After 15 minutes, Mold Zero

[Mr.Zetta] Magic Cleaner Mildew Remover 500ml

It developed to make people clean bathroom more easier. Just spray zetta magic cleaner mildew remover, wait and then rinse with water after 15minutes without use of additional detergent or bleach. In case of heavy contamination, use a scrub or brush for a more effectiveness. You can have great experience for cleaning effectively and sterilizing at once with our zetta magic cleaner mildew remover. Also, It can prevent growths of mold and mildew. Please shake thoroughly before using.


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About Brand

 Mr.Zetta is home care brand of DBK Korea Co., Ltd. DBK Korea No.1 OEM / ODM Manufacture in insecticide Korean Market through technical cooperation with Germany and Spain DBK since 1994. Their company principal is :

1. Value Creation for customers comfortable life.
2. Company Management style for Human beings.

Zetta is a decimal unit in the metric denoting a factor. This brand vision is killing bacteria strongly for comfortable life and to be global home care brand.

16 reviews for Mold Remover

  1. Yvonne

    Very good performance!! After spray, within 10min, can remove mold! But bit strong smell and use glove whn you cleaning

  2. Cynthia

    Love these products and it sure does a great job getting rid of mold and hard to clean surface. Two thumbs up!

  3. Siti

    Thanks for fast delivery. Im happy to use it

  4. Zul

    I bought to avoid strong ingredient.
    Recommended for those who do not clean often 🙂

  5. Alan

    Good to know product. I wait 15 minute and wipe it. It is easy to remove

  6. Ismail

    It is helpful removing mold. Smell is not so storng.

  7. Loke

    Good thing is not so storng scent compare with other product

  8. Boh

    Thank you

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