Mr Zetta Foaming Handwash 500ML

(25 customer reviews)


Skin-loving foaming hand wash for everyone.



Once you start using our foam handwash, it’s no way turning back because you will fall in love with the wonderful experience of hand-washing. Soft and gentle to even baby skin, our foam handwash has a special texture that makes you feel no irritation or dryness. Besides that, the foam is hygienic and containerized so you won’t be exposed to germs. Using our handwash is just pampering your hands!

Happy Point Ü


– Doesn’t add 7 types hazardous ingredients

– High quality fragrance ingredients


– Big Volume 500ML

– Simple Design to be able to put any restroom

– Non irritating and Moisturizing

– Washing performance very well

– Safety use from baby to adult


– Hypoallergenic Test Approval

Mr.Zetta Foaming Hand Wash

Component : Purified Water, Sodium, benzoaa, sodium laureth 30%, 30% sodium lauryl, Propylbetaine, Polyoxyethylene alkyi ehter,Coconut diethanolamide, propylene glycol, Glycerin, Aloe extract, phenoxyethanol, incense, ethanol, butylhydroxytoluene

Size : 6.8 cm X 6.8 Cm X 20.5 cm

Volume : 500ML


Mr.Zetta is homecare brand of DBK Korea Co.,Ltd. DBK Korea No.1 OEM/ODM Manufacture in insecticide Korean Market through technical cooperation with Germany and Spain DBK since 1994. Their company principal is: 1. Value Creation for customers comfortable life 2. Company Management style for human beings. Zetta is decimal unit in the metric denoting a factor. This brand vision is killing bacteria strongly for comfortable life and to be global home care brand

Additional information

fragrance for handwash

Aqua Fresh, Baby Powder, Grapefruit (Refill), Lemon

25 reviews for Mr Zetta Foaming Handwash 500ML


    It is really good! Smell is very good and forming is very soft. I did not found out in malaysia like this one is forming hand soap. And price also goooood👍 I always use this hand soap in my house with my kids.

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