Mr. Zetta Multi-Purpose Baking Soda Spray

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Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Natural Baking Soda 


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[Mr.Zetta] Baking Soda Spray 600ml

Baking Soda is often used as a baking agent in the making of cookies and bread. In fact, baking soda can benefit our lives in many ways. In particular, it is excellent in absorbing odor and cleaning. Baking soda, a naturally produced substance in our body, is known to be non-toxic and has replaced many chemical household goods recently. We dissolve baking soda in purified water and use it for various purpose such as cleaning kitchen, toilet, carpet toy and multi purpose. Baking soda spray make contaminants easier to remove from the surface. It is clean enough to just wipe. It can make your product long lasting quality.


Mr. Zetta Baking Soda

Mr. Zetta Baking Soda with description

Mr. Zetta Baking Soda Product Info

Mr. Zetta Baking Soda Spray 600ml

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Mr. Zetta Baking Soda Product Info

About Brand

 Mr.Zetta is home care brand of DBK Korea Co., Ltd. DBK Korea No.1 OEM / ODM Manufacture in insecticide Korean Market through technical cooperation with Germany and Spain DBK since 1994. Their company principal is :

1. Value Creation for customers comfortable life.
2. Company Management style for Human beings.

Zetta is a decimal unit in the metric denoting a factor. This brand vision is killing bacteria strongly for comfortable life and to be global home care brand.

22 reviews for Mr. Zetta Multi-Purpose Baking Soda Spray

  1. Choong

    One of review is correct. Easy to remove oil on dish and fryingpan

  2. Foo

    I got this. Loving to cooking. After it is easy cleaning kitchenware

  3. Ahmad

    Baking soda has many benefit. When you search about baking soda, you can find many application.

  4. David

    I feel safe to spray where it directly affect the body because of ingredient.

  5. Low

    Love to use oilly dish and frying pan.

  6. Roslina

    Im using it well thesedays

  7. Loh

    Thanks. Good service

  8. Nicky

    Love your Delivery service and when i open box, i feel like a gift. Love market h service

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