ACHIM Nutritious Grilled Salmon Steak


ACHIM Nutritious Grilled Salmon Steak


Nutritious, delicious, and easy to handle at one.

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achim salmon steak

Take Super Food for rich protein without cooking

Grilled Salmon Steak

Storage at Room Temperature

Easy to keep and store at room temperature for 6 months.

Sterilized Packaging

It can be consumed safely with its sterilized package.

Easy Recipe

Easy to consume without cooking and other preparation.

achim salmon steak
achim salmon steak

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Most frequent questions and answers

It can be stored at room temperature for 6 months. Please avoid direct sunlight and store it in refrigerator if the environment temperature is high. Consume as soon as possible after packaging is opened.

It can be stored at room temperature using special technology without chemical treatment and preservatives.

The technology consists of high temperature and high-pressure steam sterilization and a special film that blocks air and light.

Our product is grilled salmon without water. If there is water inside the pack, it’s normal and safe to consume because it’s the moisture of the salmon. 

Yes, you can heat it with microwave. It is delicious even if you eat it immediately without heating. Heat it for 15 – 30 seconds if you prefer it hot. 

Yes, you can. Our idea is to provide the simple, best, nutritious and delicious food for your busy lifestyle.

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