18185 DaVinci Series G.E.T. Clock




ACADEMY18185 DaVinci Series G.E.T. ClockSNAP TOGETHER model of DaVinci’s ClockEasy to buildComplete step-by-step InstructionsNo glue, no paint, no tools neededBeautifully detailedLearn, enjoy the operation, collect the seriesG. Gear system rotationE. Escapement mechanismT. Tourbillion movementInspired by the principles of Leonardo Da Vinci, the G.E.T. Clock has incorporated the mechanism of the real time pieces. An escapement is a device in a clock or watch that controls the motion of the gear train and transmits the energy from the movement to the pendulum or balance wheel. A tourbillion is a portion in a mechanical watch and is used to increase the accuracy by minimizing errors due to the effects of gravity. Requires NO Glue, Paint or Batteries – GET


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