18157 Flying Pendulum Clock




  • Easy to build
  • Complete step-by-step Instructions
  • No glue, no paint, no tools needed
  • Beautifully detailed

Learn, enjoy the operation, collect the series

Not your ordinary educational models, the da Vinci kits are based on the early designs of Leonardo da Vinci. The Flying Pendulum Clock needs no glue, paint or battery to finish and operate. Easy to build, it delivers a learning experience during assembly, and serves as entertainment when watching the completed timepiece operate. Da Vinci was fascinated by how timepieces operate. Based on one of his sketches, it uses the laws of motion and a vertical “flying” pendulum escapement to keep accurate time.
The pendulum’s weights, in a bucket suspended from a crane-style arm, act as the clock’s power source. The weights propel the pendulum from vertical post to vertical post. As it “flies” it turns precision gears which in turn keep time. To speed up or slow the clock, adjust the weight-balance of the pendulum by adding or removing weights.

  • Flying Pendulum Clock is based on a da Vinci sketch
  • No glue, paint or battery needed to build and operate
  • Uses laws of motion and a “flying” vertical pendulum design to keep time
  • Weights act as the power source. Clock speed is controlled by adding or reducing weight
  • Pendulum moves precision gears which keep time
  • Easy to follow instructions. Fun to build. Entertaining to watch it operate.

An earlier da Vinci clock design is among Academy’s best selling educational kits this one promises to deliver equal popularity.


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